Shayla Smart’s anticipated book release is now available.  Order your copy today below.

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These Feelings Won’t Let Me Live!” 

A guide to help women get-out of their feelings and live on purpose.

Join me as I share the good, the bad and sometimes ugly truth about my personal life in honesty. This book is designed for any woman who has ever felt less than, the woman that denies herself time to breathe.  

It is for the woman who feels cheated out of the life she once thought she would have. To any woman who is carrying guilt or shame about her past, and using self sabotage as an excuse not to grow and change. For the woman living in jealousy, anger and denying herself of living on purpose for a purpose.

This guide will give you straight no chaser action steps, helping you learn to use your past to enhance your future. You will learn how to create positive mindset to change your life and steps to bring your dreams to reality.
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